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Education Day 2

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Here are more pictures from Education Day. We had about twenty stations. Birds of Prey was a new station this year, as Mitch brought a pair of red tailed hawks. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to see them up close.
Dr. Miniard discussed the Declaration of Independence and gave teachers a copy. Paul Taulbee represented Robert S. Brashear, the salt works owner, his wife Brenda portrayed a Civil War nurse. Susan Hull discussed herbal medicine. Steve Ball played Civil War music. Wayne Watts had an extensive weapons collection. Tudy and Mike Cody and Sid Adams joined others with a skirmish. Willis Strong and Jim Bay demonstrated two cannons. Greg Bentley gave samples of camp cooking, and had a fine collection of stuffed animals. Danny Estep and Wayne Whitaker were blacksmiths.
Our General Store was popular, as they had food. Evelyn Begley was assisted by Eddie Campbell and his wife Jeanette, plus Gail Combs, and Brenda Nease. We have to thank Debbie Fugate and Gail Combs for taking pictures. This is the first time we had a lot of pictures from Education Day.
Many of the kids had a picnic lunch on the grounds. It was a fine day for it.