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Perry County Fair

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The Perry County Fair was a lot of fun. We set up a blacksmith station, where Bill Caudill made several things. We had a fine display of the history of photography, and Civil War artifacts, along with some souvenirs.
We skirmished several times a day. Spectators wanted to shoot the muskets after a skirmish, and it was a good experience for them.
People wanted to be photographed with Abe Lincoln, who was glad to oblige.
The magnificent tigers were the highlight of the fair. They are beautiful animals, and we were lucky to have this opportunity to see them.

Here's some shots of the beautiful tigers.

Abe Lincoln is holding an autograph of Simon Cameron, his first Secretary of War. When asked about Simon's ethics, Abe was told "I don't think he would steal a red-hot stove." He was replace because of corruption.

Here is an original Lincoln campaign token from our collection.